Is Your Message Strong Enough?

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If you believe that what you offer will help people, how can you keep it from them? Be heard above the din of many marketing messages with your strong message.

Have you had the experience of knowing that a client is perfect for you and your business, and yet they don’t buy? Ouch! That’s a painful moment.

It’s likely that your message wasn’t strong enough! To be ultra-effective, your message, your brand, has to be crystal clear. It has to be instantly recognizable and resonant to the people that you want to reach.

A weak message appeals to no one. The mildness of it just washes over people and is gone in a moment.

On the other hand, a strong message is a strong attraction for those who are aligned with what you preach. Yes, it will drive some people away, maybe even offend some. But it's perfect! You’re pre-qualifying those who are a poor fit or would never have bought from you anyway.

Who would you rather work with? Which clients are best for you and your business? A great question to ask yourself as you develop your strong message.

Developing your badass marketing message is a process. Almost no one comes to it overnight. Many of my clients deal with the fear of visibility that a strong message delivers.

To help you move through your fears around a strong message, here’s a question for you: If you believe that your offering will help people, how can you keep it from them? Your strong message will help them know you and connect with you and what you offer. So, only when you make sure people know what you stand for, you can have the impact you intend!

Sharing means caring!

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