Why Your Organization Needs Automated Leave Management System?

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It’s the time to say goodbye to manual leave management for your employees!

Leave management is one of the most time-consuming and complex HR processes. It can be a challenge to manage the leave accounts of hundreds of employees manually as it involves several tasks, such as leave approvals, calculation of pending leaves, leave accruals and more. After a certain point, it can get next to impossible to manage it all without errors and inaccuracies. The fact that it is so closely linked to payroll and employee benefits, makes it all the more important for employee engagement and for maintaining employee morale.

Automation is the solution to all the problems and hassles of managing the leaves of your employees manually. When you choose leave automation, you have a system to do all the work for your HR team. Here we shall look at 4 key benefits that automated leave system can bring to your organization.

Configuration of Leave Policy and Holidays in a Few Clicks: An automated leave system allows you to configure the leave policies and holiday calendars for your organization just as you want them to and that too with a few clicks. A good HRMS Software allows you to configure the policy with ease and allows for a smooth transition from manual to automated management without changing your company’s policies. Even if you are a multinational organization with offices around the globe, you can configure multiple holiday calendars for employees stationed at different locations. Also, you can configure different leave policies for, say, employees on a probation.

Automatic Calculation of Employees’ Leave Balance: Gone are the days when your employees had to constantly contact the HR department in order to ask about their leave balance. With an automated system, your employees can simply login to find out their leave balance, which allows them to plan accordingly. What’s more, it also offers a leave calendar feature that allows employees to get an idea of the number of leaves they applied for in different months in a year. Keeping track of all this manually is next to impossible, which often results in employee dissatisfaction.

Global Access for Employees: Today's organizations are embracing enterprise mobility that allows employees to work from any location, without having to be present in the office. This makes it extremely important for your employees to get access to their leave details and even apply on the go. While this can never be possible with manual management system, an automated system allows access from any device that is connected to the Internet.

Auto Generated Reports: Generating detailed leave reports for every single employee is the most exhaustive task ever, and can seldom be managed manually. However, an automated leave system allows you to get detailed reports of every parameter, including leave patterns, frequency, number of leaves over a period of time and more. What’s more, you can even configure the system to allow your employees access to certain reports that they can create themselves.

The ones mentioned above are only a handful of reasons organizations across the globe are getting rid of the age-old manual processes and switching to an automated leave system. These systems take care of the tedious HR tasks and allows your HR professionals to focus on more important activities, and at the same time make your employees happy. So, it’s a win-win solution for everyone.

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